Cloud Solutions

There is a lot of talk today about “Digital” and “Moving to the Cloud”. Many think this is beyond their financial reach. These internet technologies give you the ability to operate like a global enterprise.

Our Technology Expertise

Making Your Cloud Vision a Reality


It seems like everything's moving to the cloud. And for good reason: cloud computing is often cheaper, more scalable, and disaster resistant. But who has the time to navigate the maze of cloud providers and understand the tradeoffs between their overlapping products?

Whether it is an Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Services, or Microsoft Cloud Services or any other Cloud Service providers building cutting edge Cloud applications that run faster, smoother and flawless are the key to impacting your bottom line.

Our Services

We offer Custom Cloud Application Development & Hosting, Maintenance and Support using latest cloud technologies from Amazon, Microsoft, Google or any other cloud providers.
  • SAAS (Software As A Service) Product design and development
  • Design and develop Serverless applications using cutting edge tools like AWS Lambda
  • Cloud server setup & maintenance services
  • Design and develop AI driven systems
  • Design and develop Smart Communication Systems fully integrated with mobile phones to provide excellent customer service using the deep learning and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) tools provided by various cloud providers:
  • Google DialogFlow
  • Amazon Lex
  • Twilio SMS and phone call services

Getting Started with Supra

Regardless of where you are in you project journey at Supra, we are here to help you explore options to get the results you need as fast as possible. Reach out to us for a free no obligation consultation to explore how Supra can help your firm.

Customer Success

  • customer-success-1

    SP2 Systems

    Hospitality AI Customer Service Platform
    Building a Next Generation AI Powered Customer Service Platform from Ground Zero to the Market
  • customer-success-2

    MedTransGo Systems

    Medical Transportation and Translation Service Platform
    AWS Cloud Powered platform allowing hospitals and clinics to request on demand medical transportation and translation services
  • customer-success-2

    Kako Services

    Human Resource Management System
    Building an application to provide complete hiring solution for a corporation and its subsidiaries